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  • Welcome to Opencluster

    LoRa Hadware & Cloud Services for long range and low power IoT networks
  • Welcome to Opencluster

    LoRa Hadware & Cloud Services for long range and low power IoT networks

About us

Who We Are


Is an Estonian start-up in the field of Internet of Things, founded in 2017.
Our core product today is software for scalable, distributed, a resilient operation of LoRaWAN networks and end-to-end applications, which we offer under a variety of business models.

Due to our unique positioning in the LoRa ecosystem as both software provider and network operator, we are in direct contact with LoRa hardware producers and integrate many of their solutions directly with our services.

The collaboration allows us to offer not only network software but a complete
end-to-end solution for a real-world IoT application, including gateway and sensor hardware.

Our typical customers are small and medium enterprises on the Internet of Things business, cities, municipalities and wireless network operators.


Amazing Features

LoRa Wan

[:en]LoRa is a wireless communication technology developed to create the low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) required for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.[:es]LoRa es una tecnología de…

LoRa Gateway

[:en]The gateways then forward their data to a network service that handles the packet. The network service deduplicates packets when multiple gateways receive the same packet, decrypts the…

LoRa end-nodes

[:en]Integrated modem with a range of more than 15 km (suburban), low power enabling a battery life greater than 10 years and the ability to connect millions of…


What We Offer

Cloud IoT Platform

[:en]A comprehensive platform as a service (PaaS) for rapidly developing and operating big data, predictive analytics, AI / machine learning, and IoT software as a service (SaaS) applications. Cloud connectivity…

Cloud service bridge

[:en]Rapid IoT Development and Smart Data Storage with a combination of sensor and business data to reduce error and speed time to market, while increasing innovation and overall customer satisfaction.[:es]Permite…


[:en]Our cross-industry enterprise IoT applications use advanced machine learning based algorithms at scale, to provide ever-smarter actionable insights for business critical challenges. The module is specifically designed for ease of…

Enterprise Data Cluster

[:en]A comprehensive development and operating environment for rapid data integration, preparation, governance, and exploration of large volumes of heterogeneous data.[:es]¿Un desarrollo integral y operativo? entorno para la rápida integración, preparación,…

We deliver a tangible ecosystem for the Internet of Things, which provides Lora hardware and cloud services, designed and engineered to simplify the implementation & develop of IoT solutions.

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